200kw solar panel system

But Brun said the hope was that a successful outcome to the EGA talks would pave the way for further international cooperation on reducing the use of punitive trade remedies such as these.

“The way we have been seeing this is that we would like to see a first result on industrial tariffs and then we would like governments to make a broader mandate to go on to other areas. And among those other areas would be these trade remedies like anti-dumping,” Brun said.

“There are good political and technical arguments for why it would be a good 200kw solar panel system idea to look at this – maybe not ruling out the possibility of using the anti-dumping instrument, but rather to look at the premises around this to make it more efficient and updated as an instrument. This is a very old fashioned instrument from the old days of trade, and it’s in dire need of reform."

Brun added that the bigger prize of reducing the use of trade remedies was a k200kw solar panel system ey part of the vision with the EGA talks. “Over the past few years we have seen increasing tension within the green industries, and especially within the solar PV area, and this is not a good development. We need to look into ways of how to get this tension level down into a more cooperative level. If we don't do tha200kw solar panel system t then the industrial players will face big complications because it will interrupt their global supply chain, and that would have a cost bearing on the products, which will be a major barrier to the development of this technology,” he said.

200kw solar panel system

The chair of the EGA discussions is currently working up a refined list of products for tariff elimination, which are expected to form the basis for the next round of discussions star200kw solar panel system ting later this month.

If these are successful then there is the possibility of a final tariff agreement being made at the WTO ministerial meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, in December.200kw solar panel system

Brun said that the fact the next EGA talks will be running in parallel to the crunch climate talks in Paris in early December could create additional impetus to reaching a deal on th200kw solar panel system e tariffs, demonstrating “political coherence” on policies related to delivering whatever deal emerges from the COP21 talks.

200kw solar panel system

“An agreement on the EGA in December would be a strong complement to the universal post-2020 climate change agreement set to be inked by parties to the UN Framework Convention on Cli200kw solar panel system mate Change,” he said.

Brun said that failure to reach a deal risked dragging the talks into 2016 and beyond. “Then it would just fall into the same kind of sickness of political negoitions like others these days. We want to make this different. And it is possible, because after all this is a limited area of trade negotiations with a very good story line, so why not just do it?”

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