High quality PV modules demand extremely accurate performance data while seeking the lowest possible production cost. Subsequently, the PV industry is looking for the home wind solar hybrid power system highest possible throughput and reliability rates in module production. Quality inspection for process control, handling control and detection of defective parts are the keys to process optimization and cost efficient production. PV module production requires the use of high-quality materials to achieve long product lifetime and high power. These material costs account for more than 70% including glass, solar cells, EVA, frames and junction boxes, while the process itself, with labor and energy consumption, makes up onlyhome wind solar hybrid power system about 10% of overall production costs.


The use of the different inspection solutions from ISRA VISION /home wind solar hybrid power system GP SOLAR detect defective parts early in the process and enable rework in order to increase productivity, reduce the scrap rate and save costs. The MOD-Q EL – Electroluminescence inspection system is used on modules to show defective parts, process problems, and indicates possible warranty issues.


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Project Photos

  • 2-Axis Solar Sun Tracker
  • 11.5KW Flat Roof Mounting Brack
  • 65KW Mexican Roof Mounting Brac
  • 419KW Japan Aluminum Ground mou
  • 132.5KW Vietnam Ground Pile Mou
  • 86.5KW Yunnan Metal Roof Mounti

About Solar First

Solar First is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing solar PV products. With our professional R & D team, efficient management team and high quality of the workforce, Solar First staffs commit to provide customers with the most stable & reliable, economical & efficient solar PV system solutions.

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