Waterproof carbon steel cantilever carport

The waterproof carbon steel cantilever carport is suitable for the needs of large, medium and small parking lots. The waterproof system breaks the problem that the traditional carport cannot drain.


The main frame of the carport is made of high-strength carbon steel, and the guide rail and waterproof system are designed with aluminum alloy. Meet customer needs for safety, ease of installation and aesthetics. When it rains and needs to be drained, the water will flow into the gutter from the surrounding of the panel, and then flow into the lower eaves along the gutter.


The bracket of the carport uses a special cantilever structure design, which has a beautiful appearance and at the same time avoids the bracket blocking the door and reduces bumps. Moreover, multiple vehicles can be freely combined as a unit to maximize the use of space. Both family parking and large car parks are available.


Post time: Apr-29-2022