SF Smart Street Light 150W Plaza Light

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·Reserve 5G base station interface for 5G communication equipment
·Intelligent lighting, supports remote switch lights, dimming, timing, etc. on the street lights on the mobile phone or PC
·Built-in high-definition camera, users can remotely monitor the road picture through mobile phone or PC
·The light pole is equipped with WIFI hotspot equipment, and the surrounding users can connect to the WIFI hotspot for Internet browsing
·Built-in broadcasting speakers, support remote audio transmission for remote intercom
·Built-in a variety of weather sensors for environmental monitoring
·Equipped with outdoor LED screen, support remote sending of information, display real-time weather information, advertising information, etc.
·With one-button alarm function, quickly report accident information and intelligent unlocking
·Smart unlock


·High-tech  park           ·Tourist scenic area           ·Park plaza                  ·Commercial district

Smart Street Light Specifications

Light pole The pole height is 4~13 meters, material: high-quality steel Q235; process: hot dip galvanized inside and outside, surface polyester powder coating; protection level: IP65
LED lights Power: 40W~150W; working voltage: AC220V/50Hz; color temperature: white light 4000~5500K; protection level: IP67
Security camera 2/4 million outdoor high-speed PTZ ball machine; support 1080p@60fps, 960p@60fos, 720p@60fos high frame rate output; support 360° horizontal rotation, vertical direction -15°-90°; lightning protection, anti-surge; water protection grade: IP66
Digital broadcasting Power: 20W~40W; protection level: IP65
One-button alarm Support RJ45 interface/UDP/TCP/RTP protocol; audio sampling: 8kHz~441kHz
LED information release Outdoor display screen; size: 480*960/512*1024/640*1280mm (optional); pixel density: 128pix*256pi k; brightness level: ≥5000cd/m; refresh rate: >1920Hz; RJ45 network interface; working voltage : AC220V/50Hz; water protection grade: IP65
Environmental monitoring PM2.5/PM10 particle range: 0.3~1.0/1.0~2.5/2.5-10um; measurement range: 0~999ug/m³; accuracy ±0.1ug
Carbon dioxide; effective range: 3000-5000ppm, accuracy: ±(50ppm+5%Fs); resolution: 1ppm
Noise: 30~110dB, ±3%Fs
Weather monitoring Air temperature: -20℃~90℃; resolution: 0.1℃
Air humidity: 0~99%RH
Atmospheric pressure: measuring range 1~110kPa
Light intensity: 0~200000Lux; resolution: 1Lux
Wind speed: starting wind 0.4~0.8m/s, resolution 0.1m/s; wind direction: 360°, dynamic speed ≤0.5m/s
Wind direction: range: 0-360°, accuracy: earth 3°, resolution: 1°, starting wind speed: ≤0.5m/s
LED single lamp power saving control Single lamp monitoring: voltage AC0~500V, current AC0~80A, output control: AC200V/10A; voltage, current, power, power factor collection; dimming interface: DC0~10V; light-off failure alarm
Charging pile AC charging AC220V/50Hz; power 7kW; credit card or WeChat payment
Network equipment 5G micro base station, antenna: 64 antenna interface; channel width: 20/40/50/60/80/100MHz
Wireless AP (Wifi): Coverage from 100 meters to 300 meters, transmission standard: 802.11a, 802., dual-band concurrent 2.4G, built-in firewall
Mobile client Mobile APP
Power cord accessories National standard rubber insulated cable three-core YZ3mm*2.5mm square power cord; 3P/63 circuit breaker, etc

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