Wind-solar Hybrid Street Light

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·Hybrid wind and soalr energy, the system is stable, reliable, economical and effective
·Flexible deployment
·Low maintenance cost
·High system integration


·Road lighting        ·Landscape lighting       ·Schools
·Remote countryside         ·Agriculture and animal husbandry

Wind-solar Hybrid Street Light Specifications

Solar panel power 120W±15% 150W±15% 240W±15% 300W±15%  
Horizontal axis wind turbine 200W 300W 400W 500W  
Wind and solar hybrid controller 1 SET  
Battery capacity 12V / 150Ah 12V / 100Ah x2 12V / 150Ah x2 12V / 200Ah x2  
Battery Type Lead-acid batteries  
Main light power 40W 50W 80W 100W  
Color temperature 4000K  
Height of the whole lamp 7.0m 8.0m 9.0m 10.0m  
Operating temperature -20℃~55℃  
Windproof strength 27m/s(Wind Grade 10)  
Rainy days 5~7 days
Note: Solar panel power, light source power, color temperature, battery capacity can be optional according to user needs.

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