Solar PV Carport Ground PV Mounting System

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Photovoltaic carport is a new way of power generation, but also the future development trend. As the name implies, it is the combination of photovoltaic and shed roof. On the basis of the original shed land, BIPV products replace the top structure of the traditional shed, which is the easiest way to combine photovoltaic and architecture.

This attempt not only expands the diversified scenarios of BIPV application, but also realizes the low-carbon environmental protection and green demand.


Solar PV Carport Specifications

System power 21.45 KW
Solar panel power 550 W
Number of solar panels 39 PCS
Photovoltaic DC cable 1 SET
MC4 connector 1 SET
Rated output power of inverter 20 KW
Maximum output apparent power 22 KVA
Rated grid voltage 3 / N / PE,400V
Rated grid frequency 50Hz
Maximum efficiency 98.60%
Island effect protection Yes
DC reverse connection protection Yes
AC short circuit protection Yes
Leakage current protection Yes
Ingress protection level IP66
Working temperature -25~+60℃
Cooling method Natural cooling
Maximum working altitude 4km
Communication 4G (optional)/WiFi (optional)
AC output copper core cable 1 SET
Distribution box 1 SET
Charging pile 2 sets of 120KW integrated DC Charging piles
Charging pile input and output voltage Input voltage: 380Vac  Output voltage: 200-1000V
Auxiliary material 1 SET
Photovoltaic mounting type Aluminum /Carbon steel mounting (one set)


·Photovoltaic building integration, beautiful appearance
·Excellent combination with photovoltaic modules for carport with good power generation
·Photovoltaic power generation is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, no emissions, no noise, no pollution
·Can supply power to the grid, gain bills from solar


·Factory       ·Commercial Building        ·Office Building        ·Hotel
·Conference Center       ·Resort        ·Open-air parking lot

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