Horizon D+ Series Solar Tracking Systems

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At present, the photovoltaic tracking system has been widely used in marginal areas such as high altitude and desert, and the ecological photovoltaic power stations that combine photovoltaic power generation with agriculture and tourism industry have achieved good environmental and economic benefits.
Solar First's Horizon D+ series solar tracking systems have excellent wind resistance, high strength stability and safety.The bracket passed the strict wind tunnel test to obtain the static wind load pressure, torque coefficient and dynamic amplification coefficient; obtain the stable critical wind speed and guide the wind protection strategy to avoid vibration.


Tracker Structure

Tracking Technology Horizontal Single Axis Tracker
System Voltage 1000V / 1500V
Tracking Range 士45°
Working Wind Speed 18 m/s (Customizable)
Max. Wind Speed 45 m/s (ASCE 7-10) 
Modules per Tracker ≤120 Modules (Customizable)
Principal Materials Hot-Dip Galvanized Q235B/Q355B / Zn-Al-Mg Coated Steel
Drive System Linear Actuator / Slewing Drive
Foundation type PHC / Cast-in-Place Pile / Steel Pile

Control System

Control System
Control System MCU
Tracking Mode Closed Loop Time Control + GPS
Tracking Accuracy <2°
Communication Wireless (ZigBee, LoRa); Wired (RS485)
Powder Acquisition External Supply/ String Supply/ Self-Powered
Auto Stow at Night Yes
Auto Stow During High Winds Yes
Optimized Backtracking Yes
Protection Degree IP65
Working Temperature -30°C~65°C
Anemometer Yes
Power Consumption 0.3kWh per day

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