Horizon D Series Solar Tracking Systems

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Features & Characteristics

High Adaptability  Gradient difference adaptability to uneven trrain in N-S direction up to 15%
Less Pile The 2P module design saves pile foundations (to 140 pcs/MW) and greatly reduce the cost
Compatibility Compatible to 182/210mm cell solar modules
Accessibility Obstacle-free among independent trackers, easy for construction and maintenance
Reliability The independent control system help to monitor the operation, find fault points in time, and reduce power output loss
Smart Tracking Adjust tilt angle smartly and timely acording to terrain and weather data to increase power output
Reasonable Design The stability is ensured via exclusive structural design and strict wind tunnel test

Tracker Structure

Control System MCU
Tracking Mode Closed Loop Time Control + GPS
Tracking Accuracy <2°
Communication Wireless (ZigBee, LoRa); Wired (RS485)
Powder Acquisition External Supply/ String Supply/ Self-Powered
Auto Stow at Night Yes
Auto Stow During High Winds Yes
Optimized Backtracking Yes
Protection Degree IP65
Working Temperature -30°C~65°C
Anemometer Yes
Power Consumption 0.3kWh per day

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